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Policy & Action Group Uniconsult Sp. z o.o. (PAG Uniconsult Ltd.) is a distinguished consulting firm with a long-standing record of consulting services in business, management, human capital development and training, offered and carried out in Poland and abroad. The company was established as the result of the merger of two renowned consulting firms, Policy & Action Group (est. 1996) and Biuro Ekspertyz Finansowych, Marketingu i Consultingu UNICONSULT (est. 1990), thus pooling the wide range of competencies and experience of both organizations.

PAG Uniconsult concentrates on a few areas of consultancy, including management and innovation, financing of business undertakings, the establishment and functioning of non-banking financial institutions (micro-loan funds and loan guarantee funds), human resources management, planning and support for enterprise development, programme and project management, and support for public administration in connection with the creation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of development programmes, including programmes co-financed by EU Structural Funds.

The team of consultants at PAG Uniconsult is composed of nearly 30 experienced and highly qualified experts assisted by the company’s logistics staff. Our expertise and technical resources enable us to undertake large-scale advisory and training projects throughout Poland and abroad. PAG Uniconsult also specializes in customized consultancy taking the form of expert appraisals and analyses of specific problems, at all times adhering to its mission of „finding the right solutions”.

PAG Uniconsult offers consulting and training in the following areas:

  • European Union Structural Funds – planning of measures, personnel development, preparation and comprehensive management of projects, advisory services relating to preparation of applications for grants under EU funds
  • Establishment and organization of micro-loan and loan guarantee funds, as well as support for their operation
  • Preparing and conducting evaluations of programmes and projects financed by public and private funds
  • Development of human resources development programmes and assistance with their management
  • Development of programmes supporting SMEs and assistance with their management
  • Innovation and technological transfer, advisory services related to launching and managing technological and science & technology parks
  • Training on designing and implementating innovative solutions and technology audit
  • Development of feasibility studies, business plans and environmental impact analyses
  • Due diligence services
  • Valuation of enterprises and assets
  • Analyses connected with public-private partnership ventures
  • Developing and updating strategies for socioeconomic development
  • Management of grant programmes for NGOs and SMEs
  • Monitoring programmes and projects, in particular those relating to grants and training.